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 In our ever-changing world of technological advances including ethernet cabling, Bay Area Data Cabling will keep your company aware of and up to speed with the latest network cabling solutions in which your firm will work more efficiently and ultimately increase your profits.  From new wiring installations, updated software solutions to new procedures and standards within the telecom field, Bay Area Data Cabling is here to help!


  • "First class" ethernet cabling installations abiding by all Telecommunications Industry Association Codes &  Procedures
  • A variety of cabling facets including but not limited to:
  • Cat.6 Data Cabling, Cat.5E Cable Installation, Category 7 Cabling, Coax Cabling. All of your structured cabling needs.
  • Telephone VOIP Wiring, Telephone Systems Category Cabling.
  • Fiber Optic Cable Installations, Outside Plant And Indoor Applications
  • Server Room Design & Build Including Server Rack Installation, Ladder Rack and Cable Pathway Installation. 
  • Certified Test Results 

We service the entire Bay Area and travel outside California to complete cabling installations & maintenance projects. 

If you require a need for services not mentioned above, please inquire as this is a partial list.

Call today to schedule a free of charge on site analysis.

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This photo displays an example in which a
customer was limited on server equipment
space, thus installing this wall mount rack
in a cabinet with airflow vents was the
most feesable.  We can customzie your
installation to your particular needs!



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As revealed in this photo, the servers are quite out
dated but we chose to post one of our founders'
 original cable "dress" projects circa 1996